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Immune Cell Characterisation

Our Immune Cell Characterisation service delves deeply into understanding your immune system’s unique composition. By analysing and characterising your immune cells, we gain valuable insights into your body’s defence mechanisms. 

This knowledge helps us tailor solutions to enhance your immunity, providing a robust shield against illnesses.

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Immune Cell Characterisation

Stem cells, the body’s building blocks, hold incredible potential. Our Stem Cell Characterisation service unravels this potential by identifying and categorising stem cells found in your body. 

These cells can transform into specialised tissues like muscles, nerves, and more. 

At the heart of our service are Mesenchymal Stem Cells, naturally occurring in sources like Wharton’s Jelly, Bone Marrow, Fat Tissue and Tooth Pulp. Our GEN-Cell product, derived from carefully selected umbilical cords, ensures safety and efficacy, devoid of cryopreservation for your peace of mind.

Viability Test

Our Viability Test service is your assurance of cell quality. We meticulously assess the viability of cells, guaranteeing their health and effectiveness. This essential step in our process ensures that you receive the highest standard of cell therapy.

When sourcing WJ- MSC, here are the important factors that we ensure you:

  • Quality (QC)
  • Purity
  • Viability (>98% viable)
  • Below passage 5
  • Accuracy in the cell count 
  • Well- equipped and standardised facility
  • Free of contamination

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